Zoomers Emerge As Vital

Baby boomers, typically defined as those persons born between 1945 and 1964, number over 75 million Americans. Boomers, with their penchant for doing things their own way and bucking the system, maintain an important part of the financial and cultural engine of America.

As this generation moves more and more towards retirement, analysts are noting that an increasing number of baby boomers are not slowing down. This sub-group, dubbed “zoomers” by some analysts, are emerging as new trendsetters.

Baby Boomers who won’t quit

Zoomers, by definition, are baby boomers with zip and energy. They are planning and making decisions to better control their physical, spiritual, social, and financial future.

Moses Znaimer, the media expert who initially coined the term, sees zoomers as a vibrant and affluent community, filled with optimism, engagement, and aspiration. This positive outlook is reflected in both the types of activities zoomers choose as well as in what they can offer businesses in need of fresh perspectives.

Travel, physical exercise, spiritual retreats, and purposeful vacations are all part of many zoomers’ lifestyle. No longer is retirement or growing old considered a time to slow down. In fact, many zoomers report feeling younger and more engaged as they’ve aged.

This change in behavior and outlook from the previous generation opens up a world of possibilities for businesses in terms of marketing and product development. Zoomers have money and businesses need to market to them to capitalize on their vitality and financial strength.

Zoomers bring talent and wisdom to the world

In addition to being a vibrant market force, zoomers also are vast talent pool that helps businesses. As mature workers, zoomers offer experience, emotional maturity, and loyalty in the workplace.

They typically have a breadth and depth to their skill sets; these skills include technical expertise as well as collaboration and relationship-building abilities. In fact, it is the non-technical expertise that many businesses need help with and zoomers offer a chance for businesses to tap into a burgeoning population of potential experts.

Business owners and hiring managers can tap into the experience and knowledge base of zoomers by shifting their perspective on job recruitment. Foremost amongst this shift is a focus on skills, not age; older workers offer maturity and the potential for more mentoring relationships in the workplace. Companies need to identify and create benefits and incentives that appeal to the needs of a variety of generations, both the more recent as well as the aging. Learn about what is important to zoomers and you can better recruit and retain them in your own company.

“Retirement” isn’t part of the plan

Zoomers, as a subset of the baby boomer generation, are redefining the way Americans “retire.” With their focus on staying physically active, mentally sharp, and spiritually alive, this emerging demographic opens up new possibilities for businesses in terms of both marketing and recruitment.

Zoomers typically have money to spend and businesses can tap into those finances with marketing based on an understanding of this group and their needs. Additionally, zoomers are good workers, with fierce loyalties and strong work ethics. As such, they can make excellent hires in the right situation.

Companies that understand zoomers and how they can best integrate into the workplace have a chance to separate themselves from the competition. Zoomers, with their zip and drive, continue to shake up the marketplace.

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