What Is Vinotherapy?

An increasing number of spas and health clubs have added vinotherapy to their list of treatments in recent years. Many people, though, remain unfamiliar with the concept. This article serves as an introduction to vinotherapy and encourages those interested to seek out additional information at a favorite provider of body therapy procedures.

The idea behind it

Vinotherapy takes the idea that the skin can benefit in a significant way from the use of the products that go into the process of making wine. These products include the grape’s skin, seeds and leaves, as well as micronised yeasts and essential oils.

The reason for their use in vinotherapy is that the grape contains polyphenols in the seeds and resveratrol in its skin. It has been proven that polyphenols can help your body on the inside in a number of ways but they also offer benefits to your skin because they target free radicals which affect the oxygen in your cells.

Polyphenols work together with free radicals and help stop those free radicals from having an adverse effect on your body. Free radicals, for instance,  are thought to be the primary culprits in subjecting your skin to premature ageing.

What kind of treatments are there?

Recognizing the rejuvenation qualities in grapes, many spas have begun offering vinotherapy as a treatment. Others have seen tremendous value in the treatments and have decided to become vinotherapy specialists. Beginning in 1995, when skincare entrepreneurs Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas first introduced products made from grapes, vinotherapy has expanded rapidly.

Spas offer wine facials, exfoliating scrubs, and body wraps as well as providing wine to drink while you are massaged. Exactly how the treatments are performed varies greatly and depends on which spa you visit. You can also choose to bathe in the wine, although in any vinotherapy treatment, it is certainly recommended that you consume the beverage in moderation.

There are a number of highly reputable vinotherapy spas, including those in Italy, France, Spain, the United States and in the United Kingdom. The concept has captured many people’s curiosity and imagination as they take the opportunity to see for themselves what vinotherapy can do for their skin and body.

You do not even have to believe wholeheartedly in the idea behind it as you can still enjoy this innovative and quirky alternative to traditional beauty treatments. It is recommended that if you do decide to go along that you start with one of the less intensive procedures.


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