Staircase Assessments Can Prevent Problems

When the Herefordshire Council (England) announced that both a lift and a staircase at a Hereford car park would be closed for almost two months, many residents were irate at the anticipated disruptions. The scheduled face lift project would cause difficulties for those needing to access other areas outside the car park or travel between floors in the car park.

The problems would especially be difficult for senior citizens, since many elderly cannot use the stairs due to limited mobility caused by arthritis, physical disabilities or other conditions. They would be forced to take a much longer route to the nearest working lift. Moreover the potential hazards associated with any car park would be sure to make the situation even more risky and impractical.

How do these things happen?

Hereford is not an isolated case. The reasons vary: Sometimes it’s a serious structural problem that takes time to fix, and other times an unreliable provider has been chosen to provide the cheapest, but not the most timely repair.

Staircases are critical—they are the primary method of getting people from floor to floor. In a car park, where there are many floors, it is more important than ever that staircases be safe and open.

Keeping Things Safe In The Future

Hopefully, the Herefordshire Council will take note of the serious disruptions their project poses for elderly citizens. While some people will be happy to walk to the nearest alternative staircase or lift, others will be unable to do so or will experience much difficulty making the journey.

Prevention is always the best policy, and potential problems can be solved early on and fixed before they become a major ordeal, preferably by contracting with a competent repair company. A simple staircase assessment can ensure what state a staircase is in, regardless of where it is located or what type of staircase it is. This is frequently done in the home, so it only makes sense that similar assessments get carried out in public staircases.

Major delays and disruptions are not acceptable. Too many people rely on staircases and lifts to not take maintenance, assessments and repairs seriously. And those who suffer the most are the elderly and disabled.

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