Sharp Rise in Boomer Addicts

A Florida study says the number of Boomers seeking help for drug addiction is on the rise, and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) reports a 300% upswing in Boomer drug addicts since 2002.

Here are some highlights from a South Florida Sun-Sentinel report:

  • A 37% rise in Florida admissions to certain primary treatment programs (2001-2011) for ages 51-60, with Boomers making up almost 20% of total enrollees for sedative drugs.
  • The NIH says Boomer drug overdoses are an increasing concern at hospital emergency rooms.
  • Florida reports double the number of Boomer fatalities from drug overdose and poisoning since 2002.

Why the increase? Speculations point to a double whammy of aging: the body becomes less able to handle the physical realities of drug use and Baby Boomers come from an era (the Turned-On Generation) when drug use was acceptable.

What can you do? Take care of yourself. Get help if you find yourself needing to turn to drugs (including alcohol) for relaxation. You are needed in this world. Your best days are yet to come.

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