Saving the Rainforest … Finally

Update: Google is helping. We can too. Save the Rainforest … who, me?

Those who recall hearing (40 years ago) about the widespread loss of the rainforest canopy to over-zealous logging may remember thinking, “How can this happen? Do we really think the planet can survive without trees?”

It has taken awhile, but someone has finally stood up to the onslaught, drawn a line around his land and taken on the forces that would “make the land bare before her time.”

Chief Almir, from the Surui Tribe in Brazil, traveled to Google headquarters in California and asked for help … and he got it. Google supplied instruction and equipment to allow the Surui to document the incursions of timber thieves on tribal land and focus worldwide attention on the situation.

Google Earth technology tells the story from the air. The land is bare right up to Surui territory where the Chief and his people have taken a stand.

Kudos to Chief Almir and the Surui. Kudos to Google. One final question: How can we help?


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