California Dreamin’ Of Retirement

Getting older used to mean you would be expected to spend your time in a rocking chair, whiling away your twilight years. Well, those days are over — today’s seniors are enjoying a super-healthy, energetic, fully engaged lifestyle. You’re not ready … [Continue reading]

California Wineries — The 3 Most Important Vineyards

CALIFORNIA, especially Napa Valley and Sonoma, is generally known as the source of America’s best wine. Depending on who you ask, California may even produce the best wine in the world.  Unlike the French (the other contender for the world's best … [Continue reading]

When You Die, Who Divides Your Estate?

When you, or someone you know dies, a lot of attention is placed on the will. Yet, arguably more important than the will itself is the decision of who becomes the Personal Representatives of the deceased and, thus, legally in charge of overseeing the … [Continue reading]

Is Your Kitchen Sink Making You Sick?

I was a philosophy major at the University of Oregon. She was studying home economics at Oregon State. We were an unlikely couple. Me, a bearded philosopher and champion of organic living. She, a nutrition major with a cherub-like freckled face and … [Continue reading]

Aloe Vera for Treating Acne

Aloe vera is a popular and widely used herb. It's mostly used for the treatment of scrapes and burns, but it can also be used to combat acne breakouts. Its functionality can be attributed to its compounds, which contain anti-inflammation and … [Continue reading]

Aging Gracefully: Why You Need To Sleep Better

Changes are experienced in our sleeping patterns as we age. You can experience falling asleep earlier, waking up earlier or even not experience restful sleep. Some changes are actually normal in aging, but certain changes such as waking up tired each … [Continue reading]