Make Your Retirement Count: 5 Valuable Ways to Spend Your Time

Have you suddenly found yourself with a lot more free time to spend than you know what to do with? Fear not! Many people take time to adjust to life after retirement; the change in pace can be quite jarring, but that will pass after the available opportunities present themselves. Making time for your hobbies or even diving head first into new ones – the possibilities are endless.


If you have a skill you want to share, then why not consider teaching part-time in order to supplement your income? Whatever your skill, whether that be in the musical arts, painting or writing, sharing your passion can be an ideal way to keep occupied in the retirement yeas. You can teach to your own time frame in whatever capacity you see fit, providing the ideal opportunity to share your talent.


If teaching is not for you, why not choose volunteering? There are an abundance of charity shops in the UK who are constantly looking for volunteers to work in their stores, ultimately providing good deeds for those in need. Time is the most precious gift we can give, so sharing that with those who are desperately in need of it is a valuable way to spend your retirement.


Keeping fit and in good health is of special importance once we meet retirement age. Regular exercise is easily achieved with the greater time resources available, not to mention the cheaper gym rates. Many health clubs provide specialist work out sessions for the older age bracket, meaning it is not only a good way to ensure your health is still in order, but also provides an ideal location and situation to socialise. Why not consider bringing your friends along to weekly sessions? The social element to regular visits to the gym should not be underestimated, as it gives friends an excuse to catch up away from the regular environment.

Read and Write

There are always some books that we just have never gotten around to reading, even though we know that we really should have. Retirement offers the perfect opportunity to catch up on all the classics that you never had the time to read previously. The literary world opens up when we can commit our time into it, allowing for new experiences to suddenly become available – whether that is delving into the world of the classics or even making the first steps into writing yourself. The great thing about writing is that age discrimination is impossible, people of any age can write and be published. If your work is good enough then age is no barrier towards sharing it with the world.

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