How Can I Lose Weight and Get Rid Of My Big Belly?

IT’S NOT VANITY, but a desire for health. I need to get rid of my big gut, lose some weight and get healthy. I have tried diets and plans. I have tried promising and bribing myself. I have read books and gone to classes–but I’ve failed. My gut just keeps getting bigger. I am bordering on obesity.

One thing I have realized on this last attempt: life is not always convenient.

Here’s what I mean.

My birthday rolls around in just a few days. It will mark the final year of my fifties. I decided, a few months back, to aim for a certain weight goal — to begin showing progress in the right direction.

And I was within a pound and a half of reaching that goal, still one week away from the target day. Easy, right? Watch my diet and exercise. I can do it.

But I haven’t. I have gained in the past week. My belly is pooching out like a bread basket.


Life wasn’t convenient. Life didn’t play along. Almost every night this week, a situation has arisen — whether at work or home — that put me in a position where there was plenty of food and a plausible reason to eat and be social.

My plan was to stay eat sparsely — even to fast completely the last few days as a combination physical and spiritual tribute to the fast-approaching end of my fifties.

Every night, though, I ate until I was full (and that can take some eating), thinking “tomorrow will be different.”

But tomorrow wasn’t different.

So I sit here with my too-big waistline, realizing I have put myself in a position where my risk of heart disease and other serious ailments is considerably amplified.

All because I can’t seem to control my own actions.

What a shame. What a shame.

I won’t give up, though. I will get back up and keep trying. I will face the fact that it’s okay to be hungry. Most of the world is used to hunger. Why not me? Why do I think I have to stuff myself on a regular basis?

I don’t have to live like that. I don’t have to end up another statistic of overabundance.

And I won’t.

How about you? Have you experienced success and moved towards health? What tips do you have to encourage and guide others?

I’m listening.


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