California Dreamin’ Of Retirement

Getting older used to mean you would be expected to spend your time in a rocking chair, whiling away your twilight years. Well, those days are over — today’s seniors are enjoying a super-healthy, energetic, fully engaged lifestyle. You’re not ready to slow down. In fact, you’re just getting started, and Los Angeles is one of the best places for spending the third phase of life. Here are five best reasons to choose senior living in LA for your retirement adventure.

Reason No. 1: The West Coast Has the Sunshine

Meteorologists in Minneapolis, Minnesota have lots of dramatic weather reports: frigid temperatures and heat waves. But weather reports in LA could put you to sleep as the mercury fluctuates between 47°F and 65°F in the winter and 64°F to 84°F in the summertime. Total annual seasonal rainfall is about 8.6 inches, demonstrating what everyone already knows: senior living in LA provides a comfortably warm, Mediterranean climate year-round so you’ll always be able to take advantage of outdoor activities anytime you like.

Reason No. 2: Doctor, Doctor Give Me the News

You’re vital and in great form, but as you grow older you must prudently plan for your future health care. Boasting three of the best medical centers in the country with highly respected geriatrics departments, UCLA Medical Center, USC Medical Center and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center will have you in good, healing hands! Clink your champagne glasses together and toast “to your health” — and really mean it!

Reason No. 3: Yo, Yoga

A culture of fitness and healthy living is what senior living is all about. For those who like to keep mind and body in tune, there are a myriad of Yoga, Pilates, and Spinning classes, etc., in which to participate. Whatever your preference, there is sure to be a session that fits into your busy schedule right near your home. Do you like to run or are you more the golf and tennis type? Sailing, swimming, and beach-combing are all at your disposal. Do you enjoy winter sports? Big Bear and Mammoth in the San Gabriel and San Bernardino mountains are just a two-hour car ride away. There are so many outdoor sports available to you that you’ll never run out of fun and vigorous ways to “exercise” your options.

Reason No. 4: What Do You Wanna Do Today?

Speaking of culture, senior living in LA is an art and music lover’s Wonderland. Internationally renowned museums such as The Getty Center, LA County Museum of Art, California Science Center and the Natural History Museum of LA County fill the bill. Are you a lover of music and theater? The Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, hit Broadway shows, and of course, Red Carpet Hollywood premieres are taking place almost every day of the week.

Reason No. 5: Above Average

Life expectancy in Los Angeles County has risen steadily since 1992 from 78.8 to 80.3 years — that’s 2.5 years higher than the national average. Why are people living longer in LA? Many experts believe it’s due to healthier active lifestyles and better eating habits maintained by “Angelenos.” Bravo Los Angeles!  Keep up the good work!

California Dreamin’ Becomes a Reality

For many people retirement is a stage of life that brings many perks: freedom, flexibility and wisdom that makes you more interesting and intrigued about the world. You should never stop learning, exploring, growing and experiencing new things: Senior living in LA provides many advantages and opportunities to enjoy your Golden Years in a climate, and culture, that’s truly about celebrating the great in every day.

Make Your Retirement Count: 5 Valuable Ways to Spend Your Time

Have you suddenly found yourself with a lot more free time to spend than you know what to do with? Fear not! Many people take time to adjust to life after retirement; the change in pace can be quite jarring, but that will pass after the available opportunities present themselves. Making time for your hobbies or even diving head first into new ones – the possibilities are endless.


If you have a skill you want to share, then why not consider teaching part-time in order to supplement your income? Whatever your skill, whether that be in the musical arts, painting or writing, sharing your passion can be an ideal way to keep occupied in the retirement yeas. You can teach to your own time frame in whatever capacity you see fit, providing the ideal opportunity to share your talent.


If teaching is not for you, why not choose volunteering? There are an abundance of charity shops in the UK who are constantly looking for volunteers to work in their stores, ultimately providing good deeds for those in need. Time is the most precious gift we can give, so sharing that with those who are desperately in need of it is a valuable way to spend your retirement.


Keeping fit and in good health is of special importance once we meet retirement age. Regular exercise is easily achieved with the greater time resources available, not to mention the cheaper gym rates. Many health clubs provide specialist work out sessions for the older age bracket, meaning it is not only a good way to ensure your health is still in order, but also provides an ideal location and situation to socialise. Why not consider bringing your friends along to weekly sessions? The social element to regular visits to the gym should not be underestimated, as it gives friends an excuse to catch up away from the regular environment.

Read and Write

There are always some books that we just have never gotten around to reading, even though we know that we really should have. Retirement offers the perfect opportunity to catch up on all the classics that you never had the time to read previously. The literary world opens up when we can commit our time into it, allowing for new experiences to suddenly become available – whether that is delving into the world of the classics or even making the first steps into writing yourself. The great thing about writing is that age discrimination is impossible, people of any age can write and be published. If your work is good enough then age is no barrier towards sharing it with the world.

The Date That Lives In Infamy: December 7, Pearl Harbor Day

IF WISE PEOPLE LEARN from history, then the events leading up to and following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, in 1941, are a prime source of wisdom. The USA failed to keep it’s guard up and those who wanted to destroy America took advantage–finally resulting in the horrors of atomic warfare.

Pearl Harbor - December 7, a day which will live in infamy

What Old People Like to Read

FIRST OFF, LET’S SETTLE THIS: “Old” is a relative term. It depends on who you are talking with, their age and the physical condition of the person being spoken of. I’ve seen young people who seem old and old people who seem young. You have too.

You are only as old as you feel

My dear daughter asked me tonight, “Daddy, what do you want for Christmas?”

Now, that’s a tough question. I’d just as soon get rid of a bunch of junk as to collect more. Yet, my sweet girl persisted.

“Daddy, you love to read–but I don’t want to get you another business book. What are some books you read in the past, you would like to see again?”

That one really got me thinking. There were so many … books younger generations may even find fascinating. I was raised during the Beat and Hippy eras. Yep, I’m a Baby Boomer. And there were some darned good books on the shelves.

At the time, I thought books were disposable. I never thought of holding on to one. Too heavy. Like many of my generation, my dreams were fluid and mobile. I preferred a backpack to a rocking chair and a tent to a boardroom.

Now, I miss those books. I would love to see them again.

Books a Baby Boomer would love to find again are findable

First, I started thinking about authors: Herman Hesse, Jack Kerouac, Ken Kesey, Henry David Thoreau, and my old buddy–Gurney Norman.

“Honey,” I said, “those old books can hardly be found anymore. I look for them every time I’m near a used bookstore.”

Then she got that look in her eyes that reminds me a whole lot of her mother.

“Amazon, Dad. Amazon.”

From paranoia to amazement

I may be the last guy on the planet to embrace online shopping. I don’t know. Maybe. I just don’t like the idea of throwing my credit card number out into the thin air of the Internet. But my girl is smart. She took me to the store, bought me a prepaid VISA card (I didn’t know they existed) and said “Happy early Hanukkah, Dad.”

And then we got to shopping for those books I thought were gone forever. I didn’t find all I wanted; but I found a bunch.

The really good news is that I’m a double-dipper–one of those blessed creatures who enjoys both Hanukkah and Christmas. I can’t wait to see what’s coming on the 25th of December.

It may be that a fifty or sixty-something guy like me will get even more out of reading these classics than on the first go-around. If so, that will be sublime.

Here is what I do know: chances are the authors didn’t realize the depth of what they had written. The best writers are but pens in the hand of the unseen Master, after all.

After all.

Here are some of the books I love the most …

SO, THERE YOU HAVE IT … the beginnings of a great library. And listen up, whippersnappers: May you come to scoff, but stay to read. This is some good stuff, guaranteed.

Baby Boomer Bashing Comes In Style

READ THE NEWS: Baby Boomers are alcoholics, Baby Boomers overspent and got themselves in financial trouble, Baby Boomers are going to completely sink the economy with their ever-deepening need for health care … in short, Baby Boomers have ripped off succeeding generations–and now they are going to make everyone else’s lives miserable.

Is it just me? Am I sensitive to the issue?

I don’t think so. More and more, Baby Boomers are showing up as the whipping  boys for the world’s problems.

Do we deserve the rap?

How can it be that the generation of peace, love and simplicity has marched right on with the industrialists to waste resources and struggle for power? Have we simply reacted to ever-changing challenges from the East and Middle East? Have we followed blindly after leaders who deceived us? Or are we really the selfish, irresponsible party animals the media is now portraying us as?

I know–everyone is different. You can’t paint with that broad of a brush.

We are taking some blows, though, my friend. If our parents were the Greatest Generation,  Baby Boomers are increasingly coming under fire as the Worst Generation.

You don’t believe it is so?

I’ll start a listing of news articles here. You decide. And… by the way … what consequences could arise from this movement towards rage against the elders?

Retired and in Debt: Can Owning a Business be the Answer?

Surely the hard-working and industrious South Korean Boomers planned well and are retiring in comfort, right?

Wrong, according to a report from Reuters.

A study by the South Korean government revealed that most of the more than seven million Baby Boomers there did not plan for retirement–and in a country where the average retirement age is just 58 years old, that is proving disastrous for many.

It could be a case of too much confidence in entrepreneurship. South Koreans are leaving the corporate workplace and starting up small businesses–normally, a great idea. In the current economic downturn, though, those businesses are failing in droves.

Worse yet, when the parents lose their shirts, their children are getting angry as they watch their inheritances go down the drain and the parent’s homes be taken to pay off loans.

Surely, that couldn’t happen in America …

Boomers, beware.