California Dreamin’ Of Retirement

Getting older used to mean you would be expected to spend your time in a rocking chair, whiling away your twilight years. Well, those days are over — today’s seniors are enjoying a super-healthy, energetic, fully engaged lifestyle. You’re not ready to slow down. In fact, you’re just getting started, and Los Angeles is one of the best places for spending the third phase of life. Here are five best reasons to choose senior living in LA for your retirement adventure.

Reason No. 1: The West Coast Has the Sunshine

Meteorologists in Minneapolis, Minnesota have lots of dramatic weather reports: frigid temperatures and heat waves. But weather reports in LA could put you to sleep as the mercury fluctuates between 47°F and 65°F in the winter and 64°F to 84°F in the summertime. Total annual seasonal rainfall is about 8.6 inches, demonstrating what everyone already knows: senior living in LA provides a comfortably warm, Mediterranean climate year-round so you’ll always be able to take advantage of outdoor activities anytime you like.

Reason No. 2: Doctor, Doctor Give Me the News

You’re vital and in great form, but as you grow older you must prudently plan for your future health care. Boasting three of the best medical centers in the country with highly respected geriatrics departments, UCLA Medical Center, USC Medical Center and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center will have you in good, healing hands! Clink your champagne glasses together and toast “to your health” — and really mean it!

Reason No. 3: Yo, Yoga

A culture of fitness and healthy living is what senior living is all about. For those who like to keep mind and body in tune, there are a myriad of Yoga, Pilates, and Spinning classes, etc., in which to participate. Whatever your preference, there is sure to be a session that fits into your busy schedule right near your home. Do you like to run or are you more the golf and tennis type? Sailing, swimming, and beach-combing are all at your disposal. Do you enjoy winter sports? Big Bear and Mammoth in the San Gabriel and San Bernardino mountains are just a two-hour car ride away. There are so many outdoor sports available to you that you’ll never run out of fun and vigorous ways to “exercise” your options.

Reason No. 4: What Do You Wanna Do Today?

Speaking of culture, senior living in LA is an art and music lover’s Wonderland. Internationally renowned museums such as The Getty Center, LA County Museum of Art, California Science Center and the Natural History Museum of LA County fill the bill. Are you a lover of music and theater? The Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, hit Broadway shows, and of course, Red Carpet Hollywood premieres are taking place almost every day of the week.

Reason No. 5: Above Average

Life expectancy in Los Angeles County has risen steadily since 1992 from 78.8 to 80.3 years — that’s 2.5 years higher than the national average. Why are people living longer in LA? Many experts believe it’s due to healthier active lifestyles and better eating habits maintained by “Angelenos.” Bravo Los Angeles!  Keep up the good work!

California Dreamin’ Becomes a Reality

For many people retirement is a stage of life that brings many perks: freedom, flexibility and wisdom that makes you more interesting and intrigued about the world. You should never stop learning, exploring, growing and experiencing new things: Senior living in LA provides many advantages and opportunities to enjoy your Golden Years in a climate, and culture, that’s truly about celebrating the great in every day.

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