Browsers That Block Ads — Do You Want Them?

Are you tired of getting bombarded with ads online?

Many people are.

So much so that some of the most popular plugins and extensions for for ad blocking.

Ad blocking is causing an online uproar right now — and guess who is upset most.

You got it: The advertisers.

Business Insider says ad blocking is costing Google alone BILLIONS of dollars each year.

So what’s to be done about it?

Google says advertising reform is needed. And that’s for sure.

Meanwhile, the big move (one most of us don’t even notice yet) is towards sending ads via text.

Text advertising is hip, so far plays by the rules, and gets big response rates.

Check these stats from

94% of mobile text messages get read! Do you read 94% of your emails or click on 94% of the ads you see?

I don’t.

Tell me what you think: Do boomers wish advertising would go away (goodbye free services supported by them), or are boomers okay with ads?

How about text ads?

Do you like them?

Here’s one more consideration: Have you ever searched for something (skin cream, a vacation, a new car) and then found you keep getting pop-up ads for those things?

Advertising has not only become more prevalent — it’s more targeted. Every move you make on the internet is tracked by the advertisers.

So… what do you think… is that good?

Or is it too in-your-face?

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