Baby Boomer Boozers

Baby Boomer BoozeBaby Boomers are much more likely to require treatment because of alcohol than are young folks–that is the report of an English group, Alcohol Concern, following a study of patients treated for alcohol-related injuries during 2010-2011.

In that study, reported by This Is Leicestershire, 55-74 year-olds were about seven times more likely to require medical attention tied to alcohol consumption than were those in the 16-24 years age group.

Said, Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, president of the British Gastroenterology Society

It is the unwitting chronic middle-aged drinkers who are taking serious risks with their health. They present in hospital with conditions attributable to their alcohol consumption, such as stroke, heart disease, cancer and liver disease.

People simply do not realize that chronic drinking significantly increases their chances of suffering health problems.


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