Browsers That Block Ads — Do You Want Them?

Are you tired of getting bombarded with ads online? Many people are. So much so that some of the most popular plugins and extensions for for ad blocking. Ad blocking is causing an online uproar right now -- and guess who is upset most. You got … [Continue reading]

Old People Make Great Chefs

Okay, don't take this in the wrong way. I'm not digging at the elderly or trying to make any Walmart greeter slams. The truth is that many of us find retirement either limits our income too much -- or just isn't all we thought it would be. You don't … [Continue reading]

3D Printing and Your Health

The concept sounds fantastic: printers that can manufacture everything from weapons to body parts. Far from being just another case of sci-fi wishful thinking, though, it appears that 3D printing is the real deal ... and that it will soon … [Continue reading]